About Carova Rentals

Carova Rentals offers a different sort of vacation experience.

About Carova Rentals

Carova SunsetCarova Rentals offers a different sort of vacation experience. While other companies have a hundred or more houses in their rental program, Carova Rentals, being smaller by design, can focus on the individual needs of our guests. We want to get to know each guest personally and assist in making family vacation memories.

Carova Rentals understands that folks visit the beach to have a good time. We encourage active participation in protecting the fragile nature of our beach.

Before you come, we will provide you information allowing you to make the most of your vacation time while lessening the footprint left on the area. Small changes such as tips on driving in the sand without altering the natural movement of sand can have a hugely positive impact on the beach while at the same time making your experience more enjoyable.

Carova Rentals limits local impact by incorporating “green” practices. Some of these include:

  • use of recycled and recyclable disposable paper products
  • use of bio-degradable and fragrance-free cleaning products
  • energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances where feasible
  • paperless office reduces landfill impact

Dog on Carova Beach

Pet Friendly—pets rule!!

Most of our homes are extremely pet friendly. We recognize that dogs and the beach go together! And what’s a family vacation without the family dog? Many of our best guests wouldn’t dream of having a great time at the beach while Rover is sitting sadly in a kennel. Bring Rover to Carova!!

Our pet friendly homes offer extras for your dog such as temporary name tags in case he or she gets turned around in an unfamiliar neighborhood. A pet fee covers extra cleaning and flea treatments in the house. We do ask that you bring your dog’s own bowls and towels. Further pet information is provided in your “Welcome to the Beach” slideshow.  Dogs are welcome on our beaches.