About Carova

Enjoy the uniqueness of this paradise by the sea.

Carova North Carolina…

“Carova” encompasses an area eleven miles long and about a mile wide at the very northern end of the Outer Banks. This area begins at the northern terminus of NC Route 12 and extends to the North Carolina/Virginia state line. In fact, the name Carova is a contraction of Carolina and Virginia. These beaches are further sub-divided into sections known as Ocean Beach, Pennies Hill, Seagull Beach, Swan Beach, North Swan Beach, and finally Carova Beach at the northern end.

Carova NCOur Roads…

The unique feature of this area is the absence of paved roads. Much of the trip to your vacation rental home is driven directly on the beach strand. Sand roads lead to houses and cottages. Carova is a relatively new area – with the first houses built in the seventies. Prior to development, the area was a haven for migrating waterfowl. Today, Carova still teams with wildlife.

Carova Wild HorsesCorolla Wild Horses…

Most notable are the Corolla Wild Horses. This herd of approximately 75 ponies have inhabited this area since the 1600’s when they are thought to be the survivors of shipwrecks. Their hardy nature has allowed them to survive in this harsh environment. The horses are frequently seen grazing on beach grass near the dunes, enjoying the breezes at the edge of the ocean, or relaxing in the yard of a house.

AboutCarova2-babyloggerOther mammals frequently encountered include fox, raccoon, deer, and wild pigs. All kinds of shore birds inhabit they area, the most spectacular of which is the osprey or “fish hawk”. These raptors can be seen diving in the ocean for a meal to be brought back to the nest. Dolphins are often seen just off shore and their antics can be very enjoyable. On the sound side and in the marshes, ducks, geese, and swan can be found year round.

Carova is also at the northern end of the natural range of five species of endangered sea turtles. Loggerheads come up on the beach to lay their eggs, and there is no joy greater than seeing the baby turtles hatch and make their way to their ocean home. For more information about conservation efforts for the sea turtles visit NEST.

Please come visit us in Carova, end enjoy the uniqueness of this paradise by the sea. You will be making memories for a lifetime.